Tree Frog Method of Sales!

I left my office to step outside to relax and watch the trees blowing in the wind. This typically quiet retreat was interrupted with the constant noise of tree frogs. It was relentless and they wouldn’t stop!

This noisy "frog" turned out to be a toad!

This noisy “frog” turned out to be a toad!

This reminded me of some web designer sales reps that I have encountered lately. These hard hitting sales people are there to make the sale and move on. Often they are so relentless that the customer signs under pressure, not desire! Like the elusive tree frog, you hear them, see them once but never twice. Too often I have heard customers say that they paid for a web site and nothing had been done six months later.

Absolute Web Designs is dedicated to our customers and we never use high pressure sales techniques. We strive to create a web site that matches your business. After the site is created, we are an on-going resource so you can concentrate on your business and not worry about your site. Relieve the stress and call us today! 812-637-3074

Bebe Kinnett, Owner