The Tadpole Method of Web Design!

tadpolesDid you know that a frog may deposit up to 2000 eggs?? I recently discovered this when I walked out to our pond and saw thousands of tadpoles had hatched.? Why do they lay so many eggs? Judging from the turtles and fish stalking in that area, it is safe to say that it is tough for a tadpole to survive especially when there is no one there to protect you.

Why did this make me think of web designers?? Some web designers are like the frogs and believe that a large quantity of similar web sites is the philosophy that is best for their business.? It is hard to distinguish one from the other and it takes minimal extra effort to create mass quantities.? They also believe that once the site has gone live, then their responsibility is over.

Absolute Web Designs has a completely different philosophy.? We create unique web sites that truly represent the personality of our customers and their business.? Quality is essential.? We offer web site hosting so we can continue to monitor the site after it goes live.? Our customers know that they can rely on us to help if needed.? We have been in business for 13 years and still have loyal customers from our first year in business!? We also have customers that have asked us to re-design their site two, three or four times over the years.? When I ask them why they come back, they say it?s because they trust us!? What a compliment from our customers.

So if you are looking for a web design team that you can trust, then contact us today!

Bebe Kinnett, Owner