Conference “Ah-ha” moments!

I recently attended a conference in Dallas, TX that was inspirational, exhilarating and exhausting!? The eWomen Network conference encouragBebe N Ken Kragenes business owners to share their successful strategies and advice with other members.? I had access to some of the most amazing people.? Ken Kragen may not be a household name, but you definitely know his accomplishments.? He was the mastermind behind “We Are The World” and “Farm Aid”.? He also managed Kenny Rodgers, the Smothers Brothers and many other artists.? He and his wife attended numerous events and were very approachable.? He is a huge success in the entertainment industry, but demonstrated kindness and sincerity to every individual he met.? I was excited to meet him, but was more excited to discover how someone so successful could be so kind.? He made me feel good!