About Absolute Web Designs
In 2001 Bebe Kinnett and her business partner opened a retail computer store in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The store eventually took over the responsibilities for 17 web sites from a web design company that was going out of business. Web site design was a long range part of the business plan, but it was a challenge to jump from 1 to 17 web site customers especially when most of the customers were extremely unhappy with the former designer. Gradually we resolved problems and there were 17 satisfied customers.

In 2003 the retail store was sold to a Corporation, the business partnership dissolved and Bebe created Absolute Webdesigns with those 17 original customers and several new businesses. The business significantly increased because of word-of-mouth referrals and the search engine rankings. Eventually another web design business was purchased and the customer base increased to 7 states.

Our main office is in Lawrenceburg, IN which is in the Cincinnati Metro area, but we now have customers in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, New Mexico, Missouri, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. We now have several web developers and graphic designers involved. The name of the business is gradually changed from Absolute Webdesigns to Absolute Web Designs because of Search Engine Optimization.

Some of the original customers from 2003 didn?t survive the economic downturn, but most are still our customers. We are grateful to those who stuck with us during tough times and appreciate all the new customers that have joined us. Absolute Web Designs has survived because of our commitment to customer service and dedication to our customers/friends.

Thanks to all our friends!
Bebe Kinnett, Owner